Work Continues

Grumpy Bear Too on the hard

Grumpy Bear Too on the hard

Work is progressing well.  The engine has been serviced and just requires “in-water” testing.  The hull has been cleaned using a gelcoat paste and “elbow grease”, and then polished with gelcoat polish with the aid of the “Halfords” electric car polisher. 

Work continues – albeit slowly – on fitting the inboard fuel tank.  There is just enough space to fit a 93 litre tank and its associated fittings, but the working area is very confined.  The installation must fully comply with the requirements of the “Boat Safety Scheme” – the boating equivalent of an MOT, and of course we don’t want petrol leaking in the boat!!   There will also be a fuel gauge on the instrument panel so wiring has to be run through the boat to the dashboard.   The tank fitting is more easily finished with the boat back in the water.

The antifoul paint – to prevent barnacles etc sticking to the bottom – which must be suitable for the salty tidal Thames as well as fresh river water, will be applied immediately before the boat goes back in the water.

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